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This site was originally started in September 2014 after some prodding from my family and friends to create a platform for sharing my love for cooking and food.

My passion for cooking really started after I got married in 2013 when I moved into my new place (and kitchen!). At that time I wasn’t a vegetarian yet and I was constantly challenged by my Husband who is a vegetarian who doesn’t take onion, garlic. It was a huge learning period for me to make food taste good without these spices.

Over time as my cooking improves, I started to host more and more house parties and received many positive feedback for the food I cooked. I felt grateful for their encouragement and decided to start this blog which serves as a chronicle of my cooking journey so that I may share my experiences to everyone.

My philosophy with food is always to season it with love. I was inspired by Japanese chefs whose dedication to their craft touched me when I was in Japan for my honeymoon. I could literally taste their sincerity in their food preparation and I was always looking forward to meal times.

P/s: This site is actually a reboot as I took a long break ever since I got pregnant (unexpectedly) in November 2014 and then we welcome our little beanie in 2015.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve made the transition to vegetarianism successfully (so far) with the arrival of our baby. I’ll leave the reason why for a blog post in the future.

I hope you guys enjoy your stay here and that I can continue to share and impact on the world that vegetarian food can also be very tasty.

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Sharon’s cooking class is awesome! I’d always thought vegetarian food is bland and tasteless, who knew we can make such delicious food out of vegetables! Making mock minced meat out of tofu is such ingenious idea, I’m going to trick my Boyfriend this weekend and see if he can differentiate it. Thanks Sharon!

Happy Customer

Thanks Sharon for hosting us! That pizza was so awesome I didn’t know there is no meat until we finished everything! Hope to try more of your cooking in the future!

Very Happy Customer

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