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5 mins of fame and why I became a vegetarian

Sharon’s Kitchen recently appeared on Singapore national TV! Watch it here! My segment starts at the 10minutes mark. It was such a humbling experience and I am so thankful that I can use it as a platform to spread the message of Vegetarian Food can be Tasty too! If you like what […]

Welcome to home dining

Snacking time!

Today’s snack is one of the easy ones I kept up my sleeve so that I can quickly whip it up and serve even if I am having a busy day. It is cheap, easy and versatile! My husband and his friend (who comes over regularly) got quite sick of […]

Oven-baked King Oyster Mushrooms

Cooking certificates

I recently applied to a couple of places to teach vegetarian cooking. They all requested for certificates in cooking. This is the first time I’ve heard of certificates in cooking. I replied that I’ve learnt cooking either from my grandmother or self-taught. I hope this suffice and I’ll get the gig. […]

First post!

Really excited to get this blog out. What was initially conceived as a portfolio site to show my food pictures turn out to be a place to chronicle and share my cooking journey. Unlike previous projects, I kept this pretty much under wraps, telling only a handful few because I was afraid my […]