5 mins of fame and why I became a vegetarian

Sharon’s Kitchen recently appeared on Singapore national TV! Watch it here! My segment starts at the 10minutes mark. It was such a humbling experience and I am so thankful that I can use it as a platform to spread the message of Vegetarian Food can be Tasty too! If you like what […]

Welcome to home dining

Private cooking class with Valerie

My friend, Valerie, and I had a cookout together couple of months back and we had lots of fun making rosti and sautéed vegetables. She said she had also learnt a lot from me during that session and decided to engage me to teach her some basic vegetarian cooking as […]

Valerie and I


My very sweet sister, Audrey, spent the whole day today to make my favourite strawberry shortcake for me today! It was moist and not too sweet, just the way I like! I like to spend my birthday reflecting on the past 1 year of my life and think of ways to improve on […]

Birthday cake

Snacking time!

Today’s snack is one of the easy ones I kept up my sleeve so that I can quickly whip it up and serve even if I am having a busy day. It is cheap, easy and versatile! My husband and his friend (who comes over regularly) got quite sick of […]

Oven-baked King Oyster Mushrooms

Cooking certificates

I recently applied to a couple of places to teach vegetarian cooking. They all requested for certificates in cooking. This is the first time I’ve heard of certificates in cooking. I replied that I’ve learnt cooking either from my grandmother or self-taught. I hope this suffice and I’ll get the gig. […]

Mum’s birthday

It’s mum’s birthday today! My sister, Audrey, came over to my place yesterday to make birthday cupcakes for my mum. It was our first try at making marshmallow fondant, which was lots of fun and stickiness. It was a lot of handwork, kneading the marshmallow fondant and colouring them. I did only […]

First post!

Really excited to get this blog out. What was initially conceived as a portfolio site to show my food pictures turn out to be a place to chronicle and share my cooking journey. Unlike previous projects, I kept this pretty much under wraps, telling only a handful few because I was afraid my […]